Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Foodpug Strikes...on Chinese Takeaways!

I really dislike Chinese takeaway. I'm sorry but I do. It is always sticky and too sweet. I just do not like it. The Boyfriend insisted on Chinese takeaway last night. I was feeling brave so decided to give it a go. I had some "classic Chinese starters," including prawn toast, won tons, spring rolls and satay chicken. To me it all tasted the same -- greasy. For main I had Kung Pao Chicken and boiled rice. First of all I am glad I went for the boiled rice, since the egg fried variety smelled very fishy and dubious (do not ask me why the egg fried rice smelled fishy to me). The Kung Pao Chicken was not like any Kung Pao Chicken I had ever had before.  I remember having a very nice version of the dish at a Chinese restaurant called Dong Bei Hu in Helsinki. I guess it was because they were specialised in the Szechuan style cuisine and not Cantonese. I will not name the takeaway establishment where we got our food from last night. It would not be fair to them, since I would not like any Chinese food. It was slightly worrying when the food came in a giant cardboard box. For our defense I have to say that there were four of us eating. And don't get me started with MSG...

The Boyfriend struggles with the big box of food.

We received free prawn crackers and chicken wings with an order over a certain amount. 

The Imperial Hors D'Ouvres was a mix of takeaway classics.

I am a big fan of Indian and Nepalese takeaway food. Especially Nepalese. I would say 80% of the takeaway food we get comes from Gurkha Kitchen on George Street in Aberdeen. They never fail with the taste, quality and price of their food. I have always been a big fan of Nepalese food and often visit our local Nepalese restaurant Swagatam in Helsinki. During lunch you get very affordable food -- affordable on the Helsinki level that is. Back to Gurkha Kitchen. Do not go for the Indian style dishes when ordering at Gurkha Kitchen, but the ones that are traditional Nepalese dishes. Most of the time I get the Everest Lamb. It is pretty much takeaway perfection to me. Gurkha Kitchen also does amazing dinner sets which lasts you for two days.

Why I was originally so frustrated with the Chinese food last night was the fact that I was dying for some sushi. Aberdeen really isn't much of a place for sushi lovers and that is why I usually end up going to the Japanese style conveyor belt chain restaurant called Yo! Sushi. I do enjoy a good Yo! Sushi, but quite often I fancy something slightly more authentic. I have visited the lovely Japanese-Korean restaurant Yorokobi once during my time in Aberdeen and the food and atmosphere were brilliant. The portions were really quite filling and we ended up ordering too much sushi and tonkatsu. One might say though that there is never too much sushi and tonkatsu. Last night I was really keen on trying Oryza Sushi on Huntly Street which delivers your takeaway. I have walked past the tiny wee place a few times and it reminds me of the thousands of small restaurants down tiny alley ways in Japan -- in the middle of Aberdeen! Oryza Sushi was not open last night, but I will definitely chase then down another night for some sushi delivery.

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