Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Food Happenings Earlier During the Summer

I wanted to share a restaurant experience I had earlier this summer. Me and the Boyfriend had a very ambitious plan of camping and hiking for this summer. Things changed though. The Scottish weather happened and we had to move flats. The brand new tent and sleeping bags are still in wrappers. We only went hiking twice. I only tried one new Scottish countryside bistro. Epic fail? Wouldn't say so. We still have time. At least we moved our life from one flat to another. That is quite a hike I would say.

We had been waiting for the perfect weather to arrive - I guess that does not happen in Scotland. Despite the weather forecast looking poor, we decided to go for a day trip. Our destination was St. Cyrus Beach close to Montrose and a lovely wee bistro in Muchalls. The beach was lovely and luckily we were there right on time for a bit of sunshine, just before a rainstorm.

The Muchalls Bistro was a very pleasant surprise. Located in the tiny village of Muchalls, just outside of Aberdeen, it is not your typical local eatery. We ate the Bistro Fishcakes and Pork Schnitzel seasoned with horseradish from the lunch menu. Both dishes were freshly made and tasty - without being too heavy on your wallet with around £10 per main. The dinner menu looked equally lovely - I am dying to go back for the Fresh Crab Bisque and Panfried Wood Pigeon Breasts. Someone has to drive though! Outdoorsy activities are always more pleasant with good food.

They seemed to have some Italian and Caribbean nights going on too, which I would love to try. These sort of local places do not exist in Finland. I am always happy to travel a bit further to support local businesses. Most times you get incredibly fresh food too. In Finland outside of the cities we get pizza-kebab establishments. So much for delicious Scandinavian food!

What always strikes me how keen people are to dine in the franchise restaurants, when the country is filled with gorgeous local produce. I guess all the mussels, scallops and venison are still slightly exotic to me. Which reminds me of failing to visit the Aberdeen Farmers' Market even once this summer! This needs to change. The Aberdeen Farmers' Market happens every last Saturday of the month on Belmont Street. The seafood and venison is ah-may-zing! You will also find local bacon and veal, cheese, bread, all the good stuff! It has been my food dream to cook my own langoustines served with sriracha and lime mayonnaise. Maybe next month...

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