Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Spening most of July in Helsinki, instead of the archipelago, is not all bad. Yes, it gets too hot and no, you can't go swimming and sunbathing whenever you like. The good part is that I have the opportunity and company provided dining vouchers to try new places and old favourites.

Today we decided to go for after work dinner to an old favourite on Uudenmaankatu. Bar No. 9 is really an old favourite, since it has been my father's too (a few years ago though). Bar No. 9 is one of the most laid back and Southern European like bars that you'll find in Helsinki. The best thing is food. They haven't changed their menu too much throughout the years, which proves to be their strength, still serving their customer's favourites from the 1990's. To mention some of the Bar No. 9 all time classics - Chicken Coriander Wok and Pollo Limonello. I decided to have the Chicken Coriander Wok this time, since I always tend to go for the unconventional Chicken and Lemon Yoghurt Pasta. So one of my next targets is to make Pollo Limonello and share the recipe. The chicken wok was as good as it has always been, but for some reason it seemed that the portion size has been on a diet...

Later in the evening I ended up in Kafe Mockba on Eerikinkatu next to Corona Bar. To be honest, the former USSR charm did not work for me and the beer was stale and overpriced. But I guess that's the whole idea of the place. Apparently their slogan is something like "cold beer and even colder service." If you want to get the good old Soviet Union atmosphere in Helsinki, this is the place to go. Would recommend to watch a few Aki Kaurismäki's films, so you'll understand what the owner is going after with the place. Corona Bar next door remains a more pleasant and relaxed place to go for a beer or two.

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