Thursday, 7 July 2011

Scandinavian Crêpeness

I am on my own again, since the Family has gone to our island and it is just me in roasting hot Helsinki. Trying to avoid cooking at the moment - it is too hot and there aren't enough people to eat my foods. Getting over the fact that I am cooking just for myself, I decided to try an idea that I saw in a magazine. Dill Crêpes with Gravlax and Smetana is the perfect Scandinavian summer dish. I had never knew dill crêpes existed before this, but they actually taste quite delicious! If you are not prepared to make your own gravlax or it is not available, some smoked Scottish salmon will do perfectly! The same goes with smetana, just substitute it with sour cream.


For the crêpes:
3 eggs
300 ml white flour
400 ml milk
1 tsp baking powder
a handful of dill
a few good pinches of sea salt
To serve:
gravlax or smoked salmon
smetana or sour cream

Mix the eggs, flour and baking powder together. Add the milk and whisk into a smooth batter. Season with dill and sea salt. Let the batter rest for a while, before frying the crêpes in butter.

The weather has been truly amazing. I have spent my precious day off work sunbathing in Töölönlahti, cooking some healthy Sweet Potato Soup for work lunches, cycling to Seurasaari and swimming and sauna at the gym - pretty good I would say! I am really looking forward for the Boyfriend to arrive to Finland next Wednesday. We have quite a few things to anticipate. One of my dear friends is getting married on the Saturday and then I was able to get four days off from work, so a trip to the archipelago it is! That means some more Scandinavian summer dishes...

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