Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coffee House Culture in Aberdeen

I used to struggle finding nice coffee houses and cafés in Aberdeen. Nowadays I have a few favourites and a new one too. I am not a big fan of big chain franchise places such as Starbucks and Costa's Coffee, but prefer authentic independent places. My absolute favourite is Kilau, which has a café on Little Belmont Street in town and a small take away shop in Aberdeen University campus on High Street. Kilau serves generous cups of coffee, fresh salads, sweet crêpes and the baguettes! The baguettes are amazing. There are options of chorizo, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes, goat's cheese and sundried tomato, smoked salmon with soft cheese, german salami with gerkins and rocket, etc. The list goes on. I love the fact that you get options for brown or white baguettes and extra lettuce in the baguette.

Kilau also makes lovely salads. Halloumi and bacon with a balsamic vinegar dressing is definately worth trying. I you're looking for a quick lunch at campus, Kilau serves simple salads in pretty little boxes. It became a bit of a study routine for me and my dear friend to get baguettes from Kilau and enjoy the spring sunshine and good food outside the Taylor Library. A big plus also for the guy who works at the university Kilau for treating us like regulars!

A new acquaintance is Mojo Coffee & Food House on George Street. Me and the Boyfriend had breakfast there a few days ago and were positively surprised. The place had just opened two weeks ago and it looked great! I loved the sound of the menu and have to definately go back and try the sandwiches and salads. For breakfast we had Bacon Muffins and Caffe Lattes, with Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger. Everything tasted nice and fresh and wasn't ruined with a high price. I spoke to the owner of Mojo's and he seemed very genuine and excited. Can't wait to go there again!