Thursday, 19 May 2011

Recent Confessions

Ladies and gentleman,

I would like to take a moment and apologise for this appalling gap in my posts. A lot has happened in the past month, but I am finally back in the game.
I went back home in Helsinki during my Easter vacation. Spring had finally arrived in the Depp North and Helsinki went mad. While in Helsinki I had lovely lunch with the Parents at Salutorget – my all time favourite Scandinavian Bistro. We started lunch off with pink Lanson, following with a deliciously buttery and fluffy blini (Russian pancake), served with two types of fish roe, smetana and red onion.

Since I have not introduced any puddings on Confessions of a Student Foodie, it finally is time! If you like a bit of luxury in your life - you'll love this Tiramisu recipe! It is gorgeously soft and creamy and surprisingly very easy to make! This recipe is also egg free, since I was making it to a certain pregnant Auntie!


The sponge:
2 eggs
50ml flour
50ml potato starch flour (if not available, use 100ml regular flour for the whole recipe)
50ml granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar

Whisk the eggs and sugar together. Add the flours and vanilla sugar and mix. Pour the mixture on a big baking tray, so when poured it sets into a big rectangle. Bake the cake in 175 C for approx. 15 minutes or when the sponge is golden brown. When the sponge is ready let it cool down and then cut into three even rectangular pieces.

The mascarpone:
150ml whipping cream
250g Italian mascarpone
4tbsp icing sugar
4tbsp Marsala wine

Whip the cream - but not too much! Add the mascarpone and icing sugar and gently mix. Taste the mixture and if it needs more sugar, just add, since i perfer my puddings not too sweet. Add the Marsala wine and the filling is ready!

Cut the sponge into three equally sized pieces and pour strong black coffee on the pieces until moist. To construct your Tiramisu layer the mascarpone filling on top of the first sponge, top up the filling with another piece of sponge and another layer of mascarpone filling, repeat this once more with the last piece of sponge and mascarpone and sprinkle cocoa powder on top of the mascarpone to finish.

When I got back to Aberdeen, it was time to get back in the air and fly to Malaga. The occasion was the annual holiday with the Family and this time with a Scottish addition. I was very familiar with Spanish food before I went there, but did not except it to taste so much better! The freshness of the fruit and veggies was amazing. And on top of all that it was all locally produced. I drank litres of gazpacho, ate tons of olives and indulged in those lovely avocados during the ten day stay in Puerto Banús.

The casa we stayed in is also worth mentioning. Casa Kate is part of the villa complex Aldea Blanca in Nueva Andalucia. Wonderfully well kept and surprisingly quiet for Costa del Sol. A far cry from the noisy and touristic puerto, which was quite disappointingly packed with drunk British, Irish and Scandinavian tourists. I would mention a few places in Nueva Andalucia that are certainly worthwhile a visit. A restaurant called Güey quickly became our favourite of the holiday. A stylish restaurant, with a menu that was effortlessly mixing modern Andalucian and Mexican cusinas. I experienced some lovely ceviche and gorgeously cooked duck with a cherry-wasabi jus. The Dad got very attached to a certain Pumpkin Soup with Tiger Prawn Skewer and ordered it twice. Being very disappointed with the nightlife down at the Puerto, we adopted quite a surprising venue for our outings. La Sala has recently opened in Nueva Andalucia and has become quite frankly the “it” place for botoxed expats aged plus 50. Nevertheless, the tinto de veranos were more than delicious – especially if you mention the price. Although La Sala being a place where one can only arrive with a Ferrari or Porsche, we ended up spending far less euros on drinks there than down at the Puerto – and we were not forced to drink British drinks. Altogether the holiday was lovely and relaxing – despite five out of ten days it was raining very untypical for the region.

We have been missing the food and drink in Nueva Andalucia. I did take some goodies with me - anchoa filled olives and the delicious tuna in extra virgin olive oil. Needless to say that we have none left.

We have been celebrating quite a few events lately. The Royal Wedding was good - not only because of the day off. We had the pleasure to meet Kate and Wills here in Aberdeen. They weren't too lively that night though. May Day Eve is a big celebration for us Finns. We spent a hilarious weekend down in Dundee visiting two lovely Finnish girls studying there. A car full of food, drink and Finns drove down to Dundee and came back the next day with an empty car with sleeping Finns. Somehow the film The Hangover sprung into my mind thinking about that weekend!

I do solemnly sware that from now on I shall not be lazy with posting. Exam period is here and I have been sitting in the library during most days. Lately my diet has consisted of ham and Gouda sandwiches, KitKat's and Strawberry Ribena - a true student diet, eh?

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