Sunday, 6 March 2011

Great Grandma Anderson's Secret Pancake Recipe

Ok. One post was not enough for today. This is merely because of the most amazing pancakes I made this morning. Everyone is going to be disappointed, since I am not going to share the recipe! Maybe not a good start for a food blog. Second post and already witholding important information. I do have a reason for this though. This is an old family recipe that I got from the Boyfriend. We all know that old family recipes are not to be published online, especially if they are ones not from your own family! I will only say that I have never used cream of tartare before and must say that it works like magic! Anyhow, here is the delicious picture.

Nothing beats warm pancakes with whipped cream and rasberry jam. The Boyfriend prefered them with butter and syrup and I must admit that it wasn't bad either. I do wish tomorrow was Sunday again, instead of dreadful Monday. I have quite a few tempting breakfast recipes waiting to be made, that have to wait until next weekend.

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